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We used to live without plastic or paper. Hundreds years ago, groceries (fruit, vegetables, fish, poultry and dairy products) were packed into wicker to carry home. Then willow baskets were replaced by plastic/paper bag. Now it is time for their comeback to save our mother earth...

We not only aim at providing the best products for our customers and improving their shopping experience, but also promoting the use of willow baskets to replace plastic and paper bags and saving the environment for the future generation of humans as well as animals...

Eco Buddy Willow baskets are perfect alternative to plastic and paper bags. Willow baskets have been used as grocery baskets for thousands of years and their functionality has been proved by the history. They are green, natural, biodegradable and friendly to our ecology. In addition, Eco Buddy Willow baskets are convenient and easy to use. If plastic bags are banned in your area, using Eco Buddy willow basket can save you money. Why wait? Let us try this out.




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